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Iceland - Autumn 2012 (4)

After the disappointment on Heimay we ventured further east. Now accompanied by Edward Ricksen (ER) who had a single day of vacation to kill. We were hoping that the low pressure had brought some birds up from mainland Europe. The lowlands of the south are extremely nice. 

1/10 The lowland near Jökulsárlón in the south is very picturesque.
1/10 Nice scenery near Jökulsárlón
We checked most gardens all the way from Hof (only place with House Sparrows in Iceland) to Sudursveit. Not many birds but at least there were some. Willow Warbler and a probable Lesser White-throat in the first garden and things were starting to look better. At Snappavellir Edward and I found a Blackcap and a Sisken in the upper parts while Yann found a Common Whitethroat (39th record for Iceland) in the lower parts. I managed to fall into a small stream while trying to document the bird (which I did not).   

1/10 A typical garden. The locals are very nice people often letting you walk where ever you want making it a lot easier finding the few birds. Nothing like Denmark!
Sudursveit was gonna be our last garden of the day before we would start heading back towards Reykjavik. It all started very promising when Yann found an Acro before actually getting out of the car. With one of Edwards most likely new species being Marsh Warbler the hunt was on. The bird was calling actively but unfortunately it was foraging within a very impenetrable hedge. We only managed partial views as the bird changed positions quickly and it was a complete nightmare getting any usable shots. During this process I realized that I probably haven't seen that many Acro's in the field in late autumn - often just a quick check of the length of the primary projection.

1/10 YK and ER at Sudursveit. YK was a bit sad that ER had just pulled another species on him (Check further down!).
1/10 Willow Warbler at Sudursveit offering good views and quite easy to photograph.....
1/10 "Marsh Warbler" at Sudursveit. The first "good" views of the bird. Note short/big bill and round head. 
1/10 "Marsh Warbler" at Sudursveit. 
1/10 "Marsh Warbler" at Sudursveit
1/10 "Marsh Warbler" at Sudursveit. Light claws/feet.
1/10 "Marsh Warbler" at Sudursveit. Light claws (zoomed partial of the above image). 
1/10 "Marsh Warbler" at Sudursveit
1/10 "Marsh Warbler" at Sudursveit. Very long primary projection. 
1/10 "Marsh Warbler" at Sudursveit. For 10 seconds the bird was in the top of a bush offering quite good views. 
1/10 "Marsh Warbler" at Sudursveit. Previous records of Marsh Warbler 
1/10 "Marsh Warbler" at Sudursveit. It is possible to see the emargination on P3 on this image. The color of the rump does not seem to differ from the color of the bag/tail. 
1/10 "Marsh Warbler" at Sudursveit. Clearer view of the emargination on P3 but difficult to see because of the angle. 
1/10" Marsh Warbler" at Sudursveit. Emargination 
1/10 "Marsh Warbler" at Sudursveit (Zoom of the above image). 
Any comments on the identification on the Acro would be most welcome!


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