mandag den 30. januar 2012

Gull Fest

After having had incredible views of the Glaucous-winged Gull twice already this week things could not really get any better on the gull front. A report of a 2nd winter Iceland Gull also coming to bread in the University Park found by Simon Siggard Christiansen was just pushing it. Fortunately I was working from home as I got the news and after five minutes on my bike I was looking at the bird. The four birders present in the park were not completely thrilled as they still had not seen the GWG. After 10 minutes the Iceland flew off and the GWG landed on the ice. Everybody was happy but a shot of both gulls together would be the ultimate price. Luckily the Iceland Gull returned and both birds performed superb for the next hours allowing birders very good views of the unlikely couple.

27/1 The cold weather has made the GWG very easy to see.

27/11 On friday the 27th of january a 2nd winter Iceland Gull joined the GWG in the University Park.

27/1 IG + GWG going at it for bread.

27/1 IG + GWG going at it for bread.

27/1 Parklife

27/1 Two species not often seen together.

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