tirsdag den 31. januar 2012

Little Auks

Little Auks are scarce winter visitors to the Aarhus Bay Area. In normal years only a few are seen with the area around “Den Permanente” being a hot spot. This winter an influx in late autumn/early winter due to many periods with westerly winds has caused high numbers of foraging birds in Aarhus Bay. Especially the coastal stretch from Aarhus North Harbor to Stationsgade has been very good with up to 10 birds often very close.

8/1 Little Auk near Den Permanente

8/1 Little Auk near Den Permanente

11/1 Little Auks near Den Permanente

2 kommentarer:

Yann sagde ...

I think these photos are fake and actually taken in Greenland ;)

RDN sagde ...

Sorry you dipped, Yann.
Guess you will just have to settle with the gull. Unless we actually get out flying later this week...