onsdag den 1. februar 2012

Ural Owl

In week three I went on a skiing holiday with my family to Idre Fjell in Dalarna in Sweden. A few good birds were seen during the week with Ural Owl being the highlight. This was my first observation of the species although I have visited the area in winter six times before. A Golden Eagle was seen in the same area as the owl.

14/1 Ural Owl, Idre Fjäll. Unfortunately I did not get close views of the owl. The first WP-tick for me in 2012!

14/1 Ural Owl, Idre Fjäll. Unfortunately I did not get close views of the owl.The first WP-tick for me in 2012!

16/1 Golden Eagle, Idre Fjäll. Seen eating something which was probably a Mountain Hare.
 A feeding station at Brunvallen near Burusjöen had good numbers of tits but the target Siberian Tit was not seen although I visited the place four times. A period with snow increased the number of birds and according to the locals at the place other birders had seen Siberian Tit prior to my visit. Out of seven visits I have only seen Siberian Tit once at Idre Fjell.

18/1 Willow Tit, Brunvallen. Most common tit in the area with more than 20 birds just at this feeding station.
 Siberian Jay is normally quite easy on the eastern slopes of Idre Fjäll but this year I completely failed even though I spent more time searching the area. Driving along Burusjöen I did see Black Grouse on two occasions and a flock of four Reindeers. Moose (4) was seen from the skiing area and a flock (3) on the way back south towards Denmark.   

18/1 Black Grouse near Burusjöen.

19/1 Reindeer on Burusjöen.

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