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Israel 7/3-13/3 2010


Morning spent at North Beach which produced excellent views of the second calendar year Brown Booby that had been wintering at the site. Other than that there wasn’t much migration to be noticed. A total of seven White-eyed Gulls were seen. Visits to Amram’s Pillars and Ketura Sewage did not produce anything spectacular. An adult Peregrine was seen just north of Eilat perched in a power mast.

At Ketura we got news of a male Pied Wheatear at Neot Samadar (Shizzafon) which we ended up twitching. The Kibbutz also held good numbers of Caspian Stonechats.

Birded the afternoon in Kibbutz Lothan were we finally saw a smart male Namaqua Dove near the Dairy Farm. Other good birds included Pallid Harrier 1 ♂ and Cretzschmar’s Bunting 1 ♂.

The last hours were spent at KM20 Saltpans. A Greater Sand Plover and a Richard Pipit were both nice finds. Other birds noted Marsh Sandpiper 3. At dusk we saw the Licthenstein’s Sandgrouse at KM19 again.

Brown Bobby at North Beach

Indiana Jones and  Amram’s Pillars

KO, EDY and a praying KAA

RSN at his favorit location

Pied Wheatear at Neot Samadar (Shizzafon)

Steppe Eagle (Aquila nipalensis)

Sinai Agama

Namaqua Dove near the Dairy Farm

KM20 Saltpans

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