fredag den 28. september 2012

Iceland - Autumn 2012 (1)

Having just finished the third and final Narwhal Survey in Melville Bay I landed in Akureyri late afternoon on the 27th of September. Here I got picked up by Yann Kolbeinsson (YK) for a planned rarity hunt on the southern shores of the island. Where we were to go depended on where there best chances for rarities would be.
We birded the entire friday in the southwest with target species being american shorebirds and Buff-bellied Pipit. We succeeded in neither though we did put in a good effort - strong northerly winds did make things a bit difficult. Best birds were American Wigeon 2 (long-staying individuals), Gyr Falcon 3 and Curlew 9 (only two regular places for the species in Iceland).  

28/9 American Wigeon (bird 1), Njardvíkurfitjar. Wintering birds have been present at this site since 2005.

28/9 American Wigeon (bird 2), Njardvíkurfitjar.

28/9 American Wigeon (bird 2), Njardvíkurfitjar.
Around midday we checked a few plantation without any result. Only local birds were seen. We are hoping that the low pressure hitting Iceland saturday evening will bring rareties for us.

28/9 Icelandic Redpoll, Thorbjörn. Four birds seen today.
28/9 Meadow Pipit, Arfadalsvik. Eight Meadow Pipits was the result of a lot of walking at prime coastal sites.

28/9 "Icelandic" Wren, Seltjörn. Responds well to pishing.


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