torsdag den 4. oktober 2012

Iceland - Autumn 2012 (2)

Starting the morning looking for pipits and waders near Gardur again. Same species as yesterday but other numbers. We managed to find some plover flocks but the hoped for American did not reveal it self. Yann saw a single Minke Whale. 
After midday we moved further east checking plantations on the way. Yann told what seemed like endless stories about previous rarities he had seen in what felt like every single bush along the way. At Hildarvatn an eclipse male Ring-necked Duck was found with a supporting cast of Common Goldeneye, Horned Grebe, Great Northern Diver 3 and Common Scoter 2 (rare in the southwest).
Just before sunset we took the ferry to Heimay in the Westmanna Isles. We ended the evening with a beer downtown.

29/9 Torbjörn. Many american passerines have been found in this small plantation just east of Kevflavik. If you ever visit Iceland and you want to try it out then drop your family of in the nearby Blue Lagoon. We did not see a lot but two Gyr Falcons got so close we could hear their wing beats. 

29/9 YK trying to find wintering Harlequins east of Grindavik.

29/9 Great Northern Diver, Hildarvatn. A Ring-necked Duck, Goldeneye and two Horned Grebes were also seen on the lake. The lake is a regular wintering site for good numbers of Scaups.  

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