fredag den 7. juni 2013

Iceland 2013

Another year with field work in Northern Iceland. Departed Denmark in sunny and warm weather and arrived in Reykjavik in strong winds, heavy rain and only 8 degrees. Fortunately it was only a short stop in the capital of Iceland as we were off for the north the following day. A quick stop at Seltjarnarnes didn't provide anything good. 
The weather in the north has been really good so far. A quick stop at Svalbardseyri saw us dip on either of the three King Eiders that had been seen during the 10 previous days but we did find our own 2nd cal. year bird (would rather have seen one the adult males though..). The first night we were invited for Guillemot steaks at Yann Kolbeinsson, a real treat! The whiskies that night tasted really good as the bay had at least 5 Humpback Whales and 2 Blue Whales. Husavik might be a bit isolated but who gives a .... when you can see whales from your balcony! A shopping trip yesterday produced around 15 Humpback Whales and several Minke Whales as well. This all from the road!!!! Hopefully one of the next days there will be time to go out on a boat. Also in Husavik was a exillepes-type Arctic Redpoll
The field work has been nice and a bit challenging due to the very wet conditions. We have managed to find most of the Common Scoter nests from last year and it looks as though breeding success has again been very high. Birds seen "wearing" a logger include Long-tailed Duck, Red-throated Diver and Greater Scaup. The best bird in the survey area has been a male Ruff.
4/6 King Eider at Svalbardseyri. 
5/6 Miklavatn. Common birds, even one in our garden.
5/6 Barrows, Laxáurvirkjun. Not present in the survey area.
5/6 The worlds second best grebe.... Quite common in the survey area.
5/6 Miklavatn. An immense pleasure every year. Very common, +100 seen daily!
5/6 Hraun. Common everywhere. 
6/6 Male Ruff just south of Miklavatn. Annual in small numbers in Iceland
6/6 Ptarmigan. Common this year
6/6 Herring Gull X Glaucous Gull?. Ghosting some markings in the hand
6/6 Herring Gull X Glaucous Gull? Quite a lot of Herring Gulls in the Northeast have very little black markings in the hand. Hybrids?
6/6 Mixed Gulls. Please do comment on the left one! 19 Iceland Gulls in Husavik Harbor on the 6th. 

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