søndag den 25. januar 2015

Visit from the north

Icelandic birder Yann Kolbeinsson has been visiting Kalø during the last week mainly to work on an environmental impact assessment but off course we have found some time for birding. We tried to see Spotted Nutcracker and Two-barred Crossbill in Store Hjøllund Plantage but unfortunately failed miserably with both species.  

24/1 Great Grey Shrike, Store Hjøllund Plantage. One of three birds seen. 
Sunday started with a short aerial survey covering Mariager Fjord, Lovns Bredning and the Agerø area. Loads of birds seen, especially in Mariager Fjord. On the way back from the airport we found a White-tailed Eagle sitting on the ice at Egå Engsø. The eagle could even be seen from Stephans bedroom in Lisbjerg. 
After a short pitstop in my appartment we took full advantage of the magnificent weather with a trip to the harbor. The cold spell during the last days had filled the area with gulls with more than 5000 Herring Gulls. I haven't seen such numbers in the last couple of years. Surely there is a really good gull down there somewhere.

25/1 Caspian Gull, Aarhus East Harbor. Bird standing right in the middle.
25/1 Caspian Gull a crop of the above picture. Long thin legs, all white head, darkish eye and straight bill
25/1 Caspian Gull, Aarhus East Harbor. Black band on P5 and nice long grey tongues.
25/1 Caspian Gull, Aarhus East Harbor.
25/1 Caspian Gull, Aarhus East Harbor.
25/1 Caspian Gull, Aarhus East Harbor.
25/1 Aberrant Herring Gull Aarhus Central Harbor. Very distinct head but lots of white in the hand.
25/1 Twite, Aarhus East Harbor
25/1 Rock Pipit Aarhus Central Harbor
RDN and YK.

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