tirsdag den 29. maj 2012

Asian Desert Warbler

The fourth Asian Desert Warbler in Denmark was found very early in the morning on the 20th of May. The three previous records being;

10th of May 1998, Saltholm
13th of November 1994, Tisvilde Leje.
11th of November 1989, Langli

The bird was found by Anders Wiig Nielsen almost exactly on the observation point at Skagen "Verdens Ende" (The worlds end), the northernmost tip in Denmark. This is by far the most popular observation point in Denmark and on good days in late spring almost 100 birders can be present waiting for that one special bird. Species like Great Northern + Yellow-billed Loon, Pallid Harrier, Golden Oriole, European Bee-eater, Serin and many other species are all regular here but quite rare in the rest of Denmark.     

20/5 Incredible views of this the fourth and first really twitchable Asian Desert Warbler in Denmark
The Asian Desert Warbler was seen the entire day enabling all Danish birders to connect with it, removing its status as a Danish Blocker. Local birder Rolf Christensen got a species on his archrival Jørgen Munck ranked nr. 1 on the Danish list, thereby equaling his total of 423 species seen in Denmark.      
20/5 Being very cooperative in the late afternoon.

20/5 Skagen. The bird was most often seen feeding but on occasions it settled down and sat still for longer periods.

20/5 Skagen. Very nice views.

20/5 Skagen.

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