søndag den 1. juli 2012

Norway 2012

Where do the Common Scoters breeding in Norway winter? In Iceland we have the perfect survey area with quite a lot of birds breeding near our base camp. In Norway it is quite the opposite. Birds are only found in low densities, they breed quite far away from our base camp and they breed on islands in lakes. Hopefully we will succeed in trying to determine their wintering grounds within the next couple of years.
28/6 According to SSL this species does not exist. I seem to see them every time I go north though.

30/6 Brambling. Common, but quite attractive in summer plumage.

1/7 Lapland Longspur, Gardkleppen. Three birds seen.

30/6 Common Sandpiper, Gammelvollsjøen.

30/6 Our project species. A scarce breeding bird in Norway. Will we ever catch one?!

1/7 A chance encounter. Seeing the characteristic foraging holes in roadside trees made us make a short stop. Young birds could be heard begging for food when we opened our doors. Some times you get lucky. A new world tick for me!!

1/7 Mountain Hare, Stugusjøen. Only seen in the early hours.

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