onsdag den 4. juli 2012

Norway 2012 part two.

The spring has been cold here in Norway. There is still quite some snow in the mountains. The highest lakes still have ice/snow covering parts of them slowing the breeding process of the scoters. Groups of Long-tailed Ducks and Red-throated Divers are still present on the larger lakes in the valley when they probably should be breeding somewhere in higher altitudes. Bird activity is fairly low with only Willow Warblers, Meadow Pipits and Cuckoo's still singing fairly frequently.

3/7 Bluethroat, Esandtjønna. The song activity is already fairly low. This is one of only three Bluethroats we have heard.
3/7 Bluethroat, Esandtjønna.

3/7 Bluethroat, Esandtjønna. Attractive bird!

3/7 Common Crane, Østby. We have seen about ten birds, all adult birds.

3/7 Golden Eagle, Finnsbrekka. Along with Merlin and Kestrel the only raptors we have seen.  

3/7 Golden Eagle, Finnsbrekka.
3/7 Willow Grouse, Esandtjønna. We have seen six birds.

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