lørdag den 6. juli 2013

Norway 2013 - Another attempt of catching Common Scoters.

After the non-successful field work period last year we have another go this summer. Last summer was cold with snow well into June causing most of the high altitude ducks not to breed. We found several scoters in breeding habitat but they weren't really up to anything. We are again situated in Tydal Kommune. The activity of a lot of species has already slowed down considerably but we have managed to see some good stuff while in the field.

6/7 Øvlingen. Bluethroats are quite common breeders with several birds heard and seen every day
6/7 Øvlingen. This bird was very approachable but always in the shade.
4/7 Gardkleppsjøen. Scarce breeders in our survey area. Smart birds!
3/7 Alpine Emerald, Ystesosen. Thanks to Erik Dylmer for the ID.
4/7 Gardkleppsjøen. Several breeding pairs in the survey area this year.
30/6 East of Gammelvollsjøen. Same place as last year
6/7 Great Snipe, Øvlingen. We've found two nests of this internationally red-listed species, incredible! One with chicks.

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