mandag den 30. april 2012

Greenland Redpoll ssp. Rostrata?

I managed to find two possible rostrata Redpolls in Kangerslussuaq. Brids were picked out by smaller size, more heavily marked flanks and undertail coverts and more brownish/dark overall impression. Some of the Arctic Redpolls (probable sec. cal. year birds) almost had similar flanks as the rostrata birds but the undertail coverts always gave them away. In summer Redpolls are very common breeders in the area. 

So is it a rostrata or a dark hornemanni? Other birders (Rune Sø Neergaard and Yann Kolbeinsson) suggest that it might be a dark hornemanni? The flank stripes and the general color of the bird could definitely be a hornemanni but what about the undertail coverts? Hornemanni has always been the "whitest" of redpolls to me but then again I haven’t really seen that many..    
24/3 Kangerslussuaq. The two birds also had a chinese look but the face is not as clean when compared to the Arctic Redpoll to the right. The flanks clearly more striped.

24/3 Kangerslussuaq. Darker overall impression with the flanks stripes being broader and more

24/3 Kangerslussuaq. The undertail coverts. I did not see any clear cut hornemanni with more than one black stripe in the undertail coverts


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