fredag den 27. april 2012

Hornemanns Arctic Redpoll

Arctic Redpoll of the subspecies hornemanni is common along the west coast of Greenland outside their breeding season. I found a feeding station with 50+ birds in Kangerslussuaq which is the first place many people will come to if they travel to Greenland, as this is the place of the main international airport. Most of the birds present were readily identified and even their call seemed to be quite different from the redpolls I usually hear in Denmark being more metallic and not as sharp. Sometimes they even gave a call superficially resembling that of Snow Buntning (a bird also found coming to the feeding station). Some birds did have quite well-marked flank stripes but I guess these most have been 2. cal. year birds.  

24/3 Kangerslussuaq. When flying they appear "much" larger than their european counterparts.

24/3 Kangerslussuaq. The chinese look.

24/3 Kangerslussuaq. Birds were actively feeding in the cold weather (-12 degrees).

24/3 Kangerslussuaq

24/3 Kangerslussuaq

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