lørdag den 21. april 2012

Yellow-billed Loon (Gavia adamsii) in Kattegat

Sunday (15/4-2012) I participated in an expedition searching for Yellow-billed Loon (Gavia adamsii) in Kattegat 25 km north of Anholt. In 2009 Marine Observers found several Yellow-billed- and Great Northern Loons feeding in the area, and we were hoping to confirm that it is a wintering area for the two species. The weather was perfect and the result after 16 hours at open sea was ten Yellow-billed Loons. Mission accomplished! Get more information on Club300 and Haanings blog.

Velvet Scoter. Common on the trip.

Velvet Scoter. Common on the trip.

Yellow-billed Loon (2cy) Big birds with long necks!

Yellow-billed Loon (adult summer plumage). One of the coolest birds in the world! 

Two birds together! Still Yellow-billed Loon. We found nine birds close together in a very little area. Amazing!

3cy bird or adult?

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