søndag den 31. marts 2013

Redpoll sp?

Questions about the identification of a Redpoll on the recent post from Idre Fjäll has been raised. More photos of the bird have been posted below. Identification of Redpolls have received much scrutiny over the years and more revelations will be probably be done in the future. Today I think observers have different rule sets and some birders identify AR more readily than others. Some birders even id migrating birds in Denmark! I guess that I'm quite conservative when it comes to Redpoll ID'ing or else I'm just injured from seeing all those really white Redpolls in Greenland. Thoughts about the Redpoll below would be greatly appreciated.

29/1 Brunvallen, Sweden. 
29/1 Brunvallen, Sweden. The markings in the undertail coverts could be present on both an Arctic -and a Common Redpoll. 
29/1 Brunvallen, Sweden. The back is very brown and I would not expect to find this on an Arctic Redpoll, though some birds expected to be AR on BF (see below) almost resemble this.
An interesting post on Birding Frontiers about North American Redpolls can be found here.


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