mandag den 1. april 2013

Spring Migration

Spring migration has finally begun and the last few days have seen some Buzzards migrating north over Aarhus. Yesterday an immature White-tailed Eagle was seen at several spots over the city and today two Peregrines and a single Red Kite were the highlights. 
1/4 Peregrine, Aarhus. One of two birds hunting doves over Aarhus Harbour and City Centre.
One bird flew north (maybe to Egå Engsø?) but the other stayed throughout.
Maybe there is room for a breeding pair somewhere on the Harbour...
Foto: RDN
1/4 Red Kite, Aarhus. Just to show how high the birds were migrating today. The bird is above me, just very high up.
Foto: RDN
2/4 Common Crane migrating north over Egå Engsø.
Foto: SSL
2/4 White Wagtail. One of two birds seen in Lisbjerg.
Foto: SSL
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Hold kæft, hvor fedt Hr. Lund. Den Trane er sgu rent faktisk dårligere end min falk! Godt gået;-)