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Costanera Sur, November 2012

Patagonia isn’t the most species rich region in the world but it is home to some fantastic endemic birds and bird families. In addition there are some fantastic mammals making the region a must for birders/mammalwatchers. Most people visiting the region use internal flights to cut down travelling time. We did the entire tour in a minibus thereby enabling us to visit places as Isla Pengiuno and Torres del Paine, both places not normally visited by birders doing the traditional tour.
I landed in Buenos Aires a few days before the actual tour started to acclimatize and see the city. The Costanera Sur nature reserve (http://www.reservacostanera.com.ar/en/) is placed within walking distance of the town center. I stayed in the old part of town, San Telmo, which is only a 20-25 minutes’ walk from the Brazil entrance to the reserve. In my three visits to the reserve I recorded, Rufescent Tiger-Heron, Grey-necked Wood-Rail, Black-hooded Parakeet, Dark-billed Cuckoo, Gilded Sapphire, Checkered Woodpecker, Narrow-billed Wood-creeper, Solitary Black Cacique, Black-backed Grosbeak and lots of more common species. The lack of water in the reserve meant that most pools were dried out and the hoped for ducks could not be found.

Bran-coloured Flycatcher, November 2012. I found a breeding pair within the reserve.
Brown-chested Martin, November 2012. Very common in Costanera.
Baywing, November 2012. Very common
Creamy-bellied Thrush, November 2012. Up to five birds seen daily. Not as common as Rufous-bellied Thrush.
Glittering-bellied Emerald, November 2012. The most common hummer in the reserve. Gilded Sapphire only seen on a couple of occasions.
Green-barred Woodpecker, November 2012. The most common woodpecker in the reserve. I saw Checkered Woodpecker on all three days as well. 
Hooded Sisken, November 2012. Very attractive!
Double-collared Seedeater, November 2012. Quite common within the reserve.
Rufescent Tiger-Heron, November 2012. A pair has been breeding in the reserve for three years now.
Yellow-browed Tyrant, November 2012. Only seen a few times.
Black-backed Grosbeak, November 2012. Only a few records prior to this bird from the reserve. 

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