torsdag den 24. januar 2013

Danish Wolf

During the latter part of 2012 a Wolf-like creature was spotted in Thy in the northwestern part of Denmark. The birders who saw the animal were sure about the identity and even managed to take some pictures of the animal. For the next week it seemed that everybody in Denmark had an opinion about id of the animals, was it really a wolf or was it just a wolf-like dog. Subsequently the animal was found dead and DNA-analysis showed that it was indeed a Wolf! It was even a match to 3,5 year old animal born in the eastern part of Germany. In the last couple of months several more claims of Wolf in Denmark have been made. Some even with quite good pictures. So maybe sometime in the near-future we could have a population of wolves in Denmark!

24/1 Aarhus University. The first Danish wolf for 200 years. 

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