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Northwest Jutland

Visiting Icelandic toplister Yann Kolbeinsson had one wish for his stay here in Denmark and that was to see Shore Lark. Via DOFbasen Stephan found several observations from the northwestern part of Jutland so we decided to make a trip there. We started the day at Tømmerby Fjord to have a go at Otter. We did not see any Otter but the ice was covered with tracks. Some flyby Pinkfeet were a new Danish tick for Yann. From here we went north to Han Vejle. On the way we saw four Fallow Deer and some Roe Deer. 

20/1 Roe Deer, Lynge.
20/1 Fallow Deer, Tømmerby.
At Han Vejle we could not find the LS Wood but did get Bearded Tit and two Mink (one white + one brown, first id'ed as an Otter but pictures only showed a Mink). At nearby Vust Holme Yann got his geese with Taiga+Tundra Bean Goose, Whitefronts, Pinkfeets, Barnacles and Greylags.

20/1 Bearded Tit, Han Vejle.
Revlbuske north of Lønnerup Fjord had 19 Horned Larks in a big mixed group with Corn Buntings, Skylarks and Yellowhammers. A most wanted species for Yann having only previously seen the north american subspecies. The fjord had 10 Smew and a single Pintail whilst an adult Peregine was sitting on a nearby field.

20/1 Skylarks, Revlbuske. 
20/1 Horned Larks and Yellowhammers, Revlbuske.
20/1 Shore Lark, Revlbuske.
20/1 Shore Lark, Revlbuske.
20/1 European Brown Hare, Revlbuske

Hanstholm Harbor and Roshage had Glaucous Gulls (2-3), Purple Sandpiper 8 and Shag. We also met team Nordjylland consisting of SSC and RSN + father. They had scared off the Shag so we only got poor views.

20/1 Glaucous Gull 4. cal, Roshage.
20/1 Purple Sandpiper, Roshage.
20/1 Glaucous Gull 2nd cal. year, Roshage.
20/1 Purple Sandpiper, Roshage (RDN). 
20/1 Shag, Hanstholm Harbor. The rarest bird of the day!
A quick stop at the spring west of Lønnerup Fjord gave two Water Pipits and an additional 7 Smew at the dam. The day ended at Bulbjerg with 7 Grey Partridges - the last of Yann most wanted species.

20/1 Water Pipit, Lønnerup Fjord.
20/1 Smew, Hovsør Dæmningen (RDN).
20/1 Smew, Hovsør Dæmningen (RDN).
Back in Aarhus Yann finally got to tick all his new Danish species - it was indeed a big day for him!

20/1 Screen shot from Netfugl.....

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