torsdag den 17. januar 2013

Danish Nationwide Midwinter Count

The last national midwinter count was in the winter of 2007/2008. This winter all Danish inner waters are being covered from plane again. A total of 25 flight surveys is needed to cover the area. Between 200-300 observers are covering the inland localities making it possible to make total estimates of most waterbirds wintering in Denmark. Very good weather is needed to carry out aerial surveys - calm conditions, with good visibility and not to much precipitation. It is indeed a challenge during a normal Danish winter!! Wednesday I covered Lillebælt with help from Yann Kolbeinsson - one in each side of the plane. An area filled with birds... 

16/1 Common Eiders - part of a flock consisting of 4.500 birds east of Svanegrund (north of Endelave). The most numerous species noted were Common Eider, Scaup, Common Scoter, Velvet Scoter and Long-tailed Duck.
16/1 A huge flock of Scaups in Lillebælt! The flock consisted of three smaller flocks, this being the largest.  It is probably the largest flock wintering in Denmark this year with at least 10.300 birds. 

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