lørdag den 5. juli 2014

Norway 2014

Field work in Norway trying to catch Scoters for the third year. More rodents (Grey-sided Vole, only one id'ed) were present this year resulting in good views of Hawk Owls and Long-tailed Skuas. In the forest we had Siberian Jay and Three-toed Woodpeckers. Due to some bad weather the breeding season for the Scoters in our area was delayed so no active nests were found during the first field work period - hopefully this will change during the second.

25/6 Northern Hawk Owl south of Brekken at 0015. Sat on a power line close to the road. Nice with a energy boost after driving almost 10 hours.
25/6 Northern Hawk Owl. The pair had at least two young.
25/6 Bluethroat. Common in the area with lots of birds seen every day.
28/6 Siberian Jay north of Gammelvollsjøen. Not seen in the previous two survey years.
29/6 Mountain Hare near Nessjøen. Good numbers seen.
27/6 Common Scoter in Øvlingen. Scarce and difficult to locate during the breeding seasons. When off their nest females often forage away from the near vicinity of their nest making it very difficult to locate.
30/6 Wood Sandpiper near Gaulhåen. Common breeder in the survey area
29/6 Northern Hawk Owl at south of Øvlingen. The bird was attacked by Redwings, Bramblings, Fieldfares and even a pair of Grey Wagtails. The pair had five young.  
29/6 Northern Hawk Owl at south of Øvlingen 
29/6 Northern Hawk Owl at south of Øvlingen. Juvenile bird. Like decorations
on a christmas tree they were spread around the forest meadow.