torsdag den 23. februar 2012

Israel 7/3-13/3 2010

Left Kibbutz Mash’ Abbe Sade at 0445 in order to get to Nizzana before sunrise. Weather conditions were far from perfect with fog and high humidity. We got to Nizzana at 0530 and placed ourselves just south of the big power lines crossing the road near Esuz. The fog made conditions very bad with a limited sight of 200 meters. Only birds calling or singing were noted. The fog lifted at 0900 and soon hereafter we found our first Macqueen’s Bustard east of the road. The bird a displaying male was seen for the rest of the observation period. Displaying Cream Coloured Courser (7) were seen on both sides of the road. Other good birds included Thick-billed Lark 2, Pin-tailed Sandgrouse 21, Spotted Sandgrouse 15, Little Owl of the race Lilith.

At 1020 we left the Nizzana Area to get to Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv in time. We had few stops on our way to the airport and arrived at 1320. Remember to get to the airport at least two and half hours before scheduled flight as security checks can take a while.
Little Owl of the race Lilith

Cream Coloured Courser

Cream Coloured Courser

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