søndag den 11. november 2012

Gulling Blåvand

Blåvand is the westernmost point in Denmark. It is well known for rarities and good numbers of migrating birds. The beach is often filled with gulls which will let you get quite close as they are used to large numbers of tourists looking for amber. On the morning of the 3rd of November we managed to find two Michahellis  (3rd winter) and four Cachinans (2 ad, 4th winter and 3rd winter). Pictures of most of the gulls can be seen below.

3/11 Caspian Gull 3rd winter. Pretty classic bird with boa, dark eye, long tibia and white apical spots already. 
3/11 Caspian Gull 3rd winter (same bird as above). Notice complete black band on P5 and even a dark spot on P4. Long grey tongues into black hand. 
3/11 Yellow-legged Gull 3rd winter. White apical spots, classic bill and head profile.
3/11 Yellow-legged Gull 3rd winter with 3 Herring Gulls. Difficult to assess the color of the legs. 
3/11 Yellow-legged Gull 3rd winter. If difficult to spot when standing it is a lot easier if the bird flies. Quite classic hand with only small white mirror on P10 and complete dark band on P5. Dark wingtip almost as dipped in black paint with clear cut line between black (P10-P6) and grey. 
3/11 Yellow-legged Gull 3rd winter. Classic Stuff!
3/11 Yellow-legged Gull (front) and Caspian Gull (Back) - same two birds as above. A Lucky shot. Notice the above mentioned differences between the wing tips of the two species. 
3/11 Caspian Gull adult bird. All white-headed gulls deserve extra attention in late autumn/early winter. Notice light eye on this bird
3/11 Caspian Gull adult bird. Notice leg color which as we say in Denmark is yellow as piss.
3/11 Caspian Gull adult bird (same as above). Grey tongues into black hand and complete dark band on P5. 
3/11 Caspian Gull 4th? winter. Aged due to more prominent boa and extent of black on bill. Please do comment on age
3/11 Caspian Gull (same as above). Crappy flight shot but one can just make out the black band on P5. 

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