lørdag den 10. november 2012

Iceland - Autumn 2012 (6)

We both had flights just after midday so only a few stops before the end of the trip. We checked Njardarvik and found a new American Wigeon making the total three birds with the flock of only a few hundred Wigeon. The bay at Njardarvik had a few Kumliens Gulls and some waders (Plovers and Dunlins) but nothing really interesting. We did stop a few more times but did not find anything. 

3/10 American Wigeon at Njardarvik. Three drakes present this day.
3/10 Kumliens Gull at Njardarvik. Probably some of the first birds of the season. At least two birds present. Also good numbers of Iceland Gulls present. 
3/10 Kumliens Gull at Njardarvik.
Iceland in the autumn is tricky. If the winds are wrong then you wont see anything besides local birds and maybe some interesting ducks but if you do get lucky and get the right winds you will have a very good chance of finding something really good!


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