søndag den 17. februar 2013

Ferruginous Duck

The 64th Ferrugnious Duck for Denmark is currently in Sminge Sø near Silkeborg. The duck is often seen in the company of a female Pochard. The bird has been present for about a week at the locality and with an already planned christmas lunch at Erik Dylmer in Gl. Rye it was an easy twitch or at least so we thought. A boat with two fishermen had probably scared the bird of on Saturday and we failed to connect. Sunday the bird was present again though at some distance. 
17/2 Sminge Sø. The least crap picture I got. Better video can probably be seen on birdsdk in the coming days
Other good birds seen during the weekend included a wintering Marsh Harrier at Porskær (my first ever seen DK in winter), Great Grey Shrike at Klosterkær, good numbers of Tufted Ducks, Smew, Goshawk and a White-tailed Eagle at nearby Mossø. Last bird seen Saturday was an impressive Eurasian Eagle Owl at Voervadsbro.
17/2 Marsh Harrier, Porskær. A rare bird in winter in Denmark
16/2 Great Grey Shrike, Klosterkær. A regular site for this species in winter
16/2 KO documenting the above shrike, Klosterkær.

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