fredag den 8. februar 2013


Otamendi is situated just a short drive northwest of Buenos Aires. It is nice area with some good birds present. Unfortunately the area was almost completely dry during our visit and they had just cut the eringium plants (favored by the Long-billed Reed-hunter) in an attempt to eradicate the non-indigenous plants in the reserve. We did add close singing Tawny-crowned Pygmy-tyrant, Dark-billed Cuckoo, Brown-and-yellow Marshbird, Bare-faced Ibis, Snail Kite and a Diademed Tanager before entering the forest. In the forest we had a good selection of new birds with Orange-crowned Warbler, White-rimmed Warbler (responding very well to playback), Mottled-cheeked Tyrannulet, Chicli Spinetail, Freckled-breasted Thornbird, White-winged Becard, Long-winged Harriers, female Blue-billed Black-tyrant (even new for Gunnar), lots of White-tipped doves and Maguari Stork. In the open area we got Striped Cuckoo, Grassland Yellow-finch and back at the visitor center we had a brief Narrow-billed Woodcreeper. 

19/11 Diademed Tanager, Otamendi. On the southern limit of the range of this species. 
19/11 Freckle-breasted Thornbird, Otamendi. We had some troubles actually seeing this bird but we got decent views in the end
19/11 Narrow-billed Woodcreeper. Seen in the car park of the reserve. 
19/11 Mottled-cheeked Tyrannulet, Otamendi. 
19/11 Warbling Doradito, Otamendi. Seen on a few occasions on the trip
19/11 White-rimmed Warbler, Otamendi. A pair responded to a short playback. 
19/11 Tawny-crowned Pygmy Tyrant. 
19/11 White-winged Becard, Otamendi. Only seen at Otamendi.

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