tirsdag den 18. marts 2014

Birding Colombia

Colombia is today one of the hottest countries for birding in the world. A total of 1900 birds have been recorded in the country and it is possible to see a 1000 of these in just four weeks. We planned our trip in cooperation with Pablo Florez of Multicolorbirding, a three-week trip focusing on endemics and hard to get birds in the central -and northern part of the country. Pablo guided us the first day and David Geale of Tanager Tours for the remainder of the trip. Both were good company and extremely good birders. 
Many people think of Colombia as an unsafe travel destination but we did not experience any problems at all during the trip and the local people were friendly in all the regions visited. There are still areas in Colombia where one shouldn't go so check with local birders if you plan to go birding on your own. If you do go on your own, check this new site guide for Colombia

View from the San Lorenzo Ridge in the Santa Marta mountains. Our trip mainly consisted of high altitude birding, well at least for a Danish guy....

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