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Bogota Birding (2)

Pedro Palo is a forested area with a small lake about 1.5 hours west of Bogota. The primary targets at the site are the two endemics; Black Inca and Turquoise Dacnis. A host of other scarce birds can be seen here as well. One of the extraordinary things about birding in the Andes is the diversity and huge differences in species composition over small distances. We failed to connect with the Black Inca but managed to see three Dacnis’s. Other than that we had some good tanager activity, lots of different hummers and various other goodies.

8/2 Blue-necked Tanager at Pedro Palo. As most other tanagers quite attractive.
8/2 Turquoise Dacnis at Pedro Palo. We had no problems with this one seeing two males and a female near the lagoon.

We had lunch at Chicaque where hummingbird feeders provide a good possibility to connect with the amazing Golden-bellied Starfrontlet. We saw two males, including a very smart full adult male while enjoying our lunch.
8/2 Golden-bellied Starfrontlet at Chicaque. All Starfrontlets are true stunners! Unfortunately the adult male only made brief visits to the feeders.
The Enchanted Garden in San Fransisco (no, not that one) is the place to get acquainted with the endemic Indigo-capped Hummingbird. It’s one of the most common hummers (30 birds) at the feeders. Other than that we also enjoyed several views of a male Ruby Topaz, though always brief. Other hummers included both White-breasted –and Gorgeted Woodstar. From the enchanted Garden we drove straight to the airport and our flight to Pereira.   
8/2 The Enchanted Garden. Indigo-capped Hummer (E) is easy here!
8/2 Black-throated Mango Enchanted Garden. Quite common.
8/2 Gorgeted Woodstar Enchanted Garden. White-bellied also quite common here.
8/2 Indigo-capped Hummingbird Enchanted Garden. Star of the show.
8/2 Indigo-capped Hummingbird Enchanted Garden.
8/2 Rufous-tailed Hummingbird Enchanted Garden. Common.
8/2 Sparkling Violetear Enchanted Garden. A big hummer!
8/2 White-vented Plumleteer Enchanted Garden. Very attractive!

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